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Noun – A Noun is the name of a person, Place, thing, quality, condition and action.


  1. Countable Noun- The Nouns which can be counted.

Ex. Veena, Girt, Class etc.

  • Proper Noun- The Noun which denotes a proper person, place or thing.


Proper person – Binay, Ajit,

Proper Place – Mumbai, Kolkata

Proper thing- Ramayan, Gita

  • Common Noun- The Noun which denotes common person, places or things.


Common person- Man Woman

Common place- Town, School

Common things- Book, Table

  • Collective Noun- The Noun which denotes a group of persons or other creatures and collection of things.


Group of Person- A crew of sailors, A team of players

Collection of things- A fleet of ships, A bunch of flowers

  1. Uncountable Noun- The Noun which cannot be counted.

Ex. Gold, water, oil, coffee, honesty etc.

  • Material Noun- The Noun which denotes materials.

Ex. Copper, silver, tea, coffee, ghee, etc.

  • Abstract Noun- The Noun which denotes quality, condition or action.

Ex. Wisdom, humanity, pride, bravery, childhood etc.