JULY 29 Current Affairs

Renowned Marathi poet ‘Satish Kalsekar’ passes away.

  • Renowned Marathi poet Satish Kalsekar passed away following a heart attack last night at his residence in Pen town in Raigad district of Maharashtra.
  • He was 78 years old.
  • Kalsekar was awarded with Sahitya Akademi Award in 2014 for his collection of essays ‘Vachanaryachi Rojanishee’.
  • He was mostly known for his work as a poet. His popular collections of poems are ‘Indriyopnishad’, ‘Sakshat’ and ‘Vilambit’.
  • He had worked fluently in several forms of literature and contributed in the fields of poetry, translation, prose writing and
  1. Who is Satish Kalsekar?

Ans. Satish Kalsekar was a Marathi-language poet and essayist. He was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award in 2013 for his essay collection Vachanaryachi Rojanishee. His popular collections of poems are Indriyopnishad Sakshat and Vilambit.

Indian junior wrestler Priya Malik wins gold medal in 73-kg category Cadet World Championship

  • The Indian junior wrestler priya malik was won gold madel in 2021 world cadet westline champianship in 73 – kg
  • The championship was organized in Budapest Hungary.
  • Cadet world the Indian team in win 13 medals, including 5 gold at the championship.
  • Priya malik had won gold at kelo India youth games in pune in 2019. Tournament this tournament where the best Greco – roman freestyle and woman wrestler blow the age of 17 year old.
  1. which year priya malik win a gold medal in 73 kg category?

        ans. 2021

Basavaraj Bommai wills 23rd chief minister in Karnataka.

  • The Basavaraj Bommai has make 30th chief minister of Karnataka on July 28. He was making three – time MLA and former minister in Kolkata.
  • He was praise former chief minister yediyurappa who was resigned on July 26.
  • Significantly, not from the RSS stables and earlier associated with the Janata Dal (United), Mr. Bommai joined the BJP only in
  • This makes him an exception among BJP Chief Ministers in the State.
  • He is a moderate face not known to take a hardline Hindustan stance and an amenable man across party lines.


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